Oeil is an indie rock/pop duo formed in Tokyo in 2007. Oeil began in 2007 with the release of their first EP titled Urban Twilight.In 2014, Oeil released a single titled After The Rain. On 15 Nov 2014, released a 2nd EP titled Myrtle.
The band is centred on the songwriting partnership of singer Mitsuko Hoshino and producer-guitarist Takafumi Hibino.
In 2019 chosen in Far Out Magazine’s “The 50 best shoegaze albums of all time”.

Dream Within a Dream

The new album “A Dream Within a Dream” will be released on March 5, and the CD will be available in May.

Some of the tracks included in “Dream Within a Dream” are already known, but they have been mastered differently from “Myrtle” and are different versions of the tracks that do not include interludes.

Pre-orders for the CD are available here



  1. 1 Strawberry Cream Oeil 3:50
  2. 2 White Oeil 4:09
  3. 3 Urban Twilight Oeil 3:23
  4. 4 Dracaena sanderiana Oeil 4:08
  5. 5 Monstersfilm Oeil 5:43


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  1. Blurred Lights Oeil
  2. Myrtle Oeil
  3. Shoreline Oeil
  4. Memories of the past Oeil
  5. Owl Moon (Shadow) Oeil


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