Asian Shoegaze Compilation Vol.1 Tape Released on June.

‘Asian Shoegaze CompilationVoi.1’  TAPE will released from Nasty Wizard Recordings.

Nasty Wizard Recordingsからコンピレーション・カセットがリリース。


【Asian Shoegaze Compilation Vol.1】

1. Oeil – Born Again
2. Oeil – Iridescence
3. The Pillow Man 枕头人 – Happy 快乐
4. The Pillow Man 枕头人 – Air Crash Song 坠机歌
5. Sea of Tranquility – Candence
6. Sea of Tranquility – Interstellar
7. Endless White 百白 – Bright Fantasy 光明的幻想
8. Endless White 百白 – Uproot Dream 锄梦


2017 Compilation
Nasty Wizard Recordings




Oeil – Born Again

Oeil – Iridescence


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